Mobile-Friendly Web Design In Newmarket, Suffolk

Hilsden Digital can help your business get results from your website. By optimising your website for search engines, enhancing page content and improving your sales or enquiry capture process you'll see tangible improvements that help you grow the real world side of your business.

Web Design Services That Won't Give You The Run Around

Hilsden Digital doesn't do dodgy! Our unique website design process helps us get to know you, your business and what you'd like to achieve with your website.

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Special Offer: Local Businesses - Get 15% Off Web Design, Redesign and Website Update Costs

Hilsden Digital can help you create a website that fuels the real world growth of your business. Our services are discounted for companies that are located near Newmarket (15% off up to a value of £2,000).

Website Design Service - From £250*

Hilsden Digital's website design can help your business see fantastic results within six months of having your site design with us.

Our individual and small business website design service starts from just £250 to help those of you who are newer or smaller break ground with larger competitors.

Your design will be professionally handled to ensure you have a fully working, mobile-friendly website that's easy for visitors to use. Hilsden Digital can manage everything from registering your website domain name to creating a professional email address to go with your website.

Website Redesign Service - From £750*

Already have a website? Haven't had any work done on it for a while? Our website redesign is a more cost effective way to update your website, SEO and mobile-friendliness.

Website redesign can be as simple as converting your existing site into a mobile-friendly version of your current website. Hilsden Digital will optimise your redesigned website for search engine traffic, and optimise it to encourage more user enquiries.

Website Update Service - From £500*

Our website updating service involves converting your site to a mobile-friendly platform, updating page SEO while leaving all of your content intact.

This process is the most affordable solution we offer if you already own a website. Hilsden Digital will not make changes to your website colour scheme, logo, branding or content. We'll update your SEO, add in working contact forms and clean up any search URLs that do not meet Google's guidelines.

Mobile-Friendly Web Design That Helps Your Business Grow

Our mobile-friendly web design allows search engines like Google and Bing to find and index your website without difficulty. In addition to this, the mobile-friendly design makes your website more accessible to visitors on a range of devices; laptops, smartphones, tablets and desktop computers will all resize automatically; providing the user with a better experience.

Higher Website Accessibility

In short, the mobile-friendly design allows your page to scale in size to fit multiple devices; smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers.

Greater Visibility and Results

A website from Hilsden Digital will help more customers find your business in search engines, leading to better results; more website traffic, conversions, phone calls and awareness of your brand.

Four Pillars of Successful Web Design

Hilsden Digital can help your business make the right choice when it comes to modernising your website. Our design, redesign and updating service provide you with the flexibility you need to create a more attractive and professional website for visitors.

Mobile-Friendly Design

The key to creating a successful website is to ensure that it is accessible to all visitors. This means having a mobile-friendly website that resizes to each user's browsing device, be it a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Google and Bing will place your site higher in the search results if you are mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly design also resizes website text to make it easier to read, and legibility plays a huge role in converting visitors.

Faster Page Load Speeds

Pages with a load timer higher than three seconds can be penalised by search engines, and even if you're not penalised by a search engine it is highly likely that a user will not wait very long before looking elsewhere. Good website HTML, CSS, PHP and web hosting allows for your website to load up as fast as a user clicks onto your site. From there it's important to have easy to use navigation that leads the user towards completing a sale or making an enquiry.

Content That Fuels Key Website Goals

Your website should have well written, informative content that helps to direct users towards key website goals. By producing content that sells the strength of your services, provides social proof and helps to direct them towards a resolution.

Search Engine Ready

By providing search optimisations (SEO) as standard with our website design packages you can expect to see a noticeable increase in website traffic. From performing on-page optimisations to getting you set up on Google Search Console.

What Should You Look At Before Considering Web Design?

Before you consider having your existing website redesigned, or a new one designed from scratch it's important to look at the following aspects before making a decision.

If you find that you have answered no to more than three of the issues listed below, then Hilsden Digital strongly recommends investing in a new website or having your current one redesigned.

Hilsden Digital - Web Design Services

Is your business looking to get results from a new website?

Hilsden Digital offers website design services that aim to get you results within six months of investing. This claim is based on you taking out a monthly web marketing package with us.

Google Analytics Certified - We Can Help Your Business Install Google Analytics and Interpret Your Website Data

SEO Ready Website Design - Increase Your Search Engine Visibility and Get More Organic Traffic

Transparent Design Service - Know Exactly What You Pay For, And What You Can Expect Back

Website Design Projects by Hilsden Digital

Hilsden Digital carries out web design work for local clients to help them increase the amount of business coming through their doors.

Adams and Eden Restoration Builders

Builders in Newmarket

Adams and Eden came to Hilsden Digital wanting to increase the amount of work they were getting on a month to month basis. By designing a visually attractive, well-optimised website with a Google AdWords account to bolster their business, Adams and Eden have managed to have their best year on record by working with Hilsden Digital.

Shire Financial Services

Mortgage Advisors in Newmarket

Shire tasked Hilsden Digital with revamping their old, out-dated website. Hilsden Digital helped Shire regain control of their website, and begin creating a mobile-friendly version of their website. Throughout the process, Hilsden Digital provides Shire with a free content updating service as the mortgage market has to keep up with financial rules and regulations that change year on year.

Work in Progress...

Check back soon!

Hilsden Digital is currently working on an exciting website design project for a local client. Please check back again soon!

Hilsden Digital helps companies throughout Cambridge, Suffolk and the rest of the UK

Hilsden Digital takes pride in helping local businesses achieve real growth through web design.

Get 15% Off Website Design, Redesign & Updates

Hilsden Digital will provide all future content updates for FREE, give you 15% off for if you're a local customer and optimise your website for search engines as standard!

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