Suffolk Based PPC and Campaign Management Specialists

Our pay per click management services and best in class account optimisations can help your business grow on PPC platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

PPC Not Getting You The Results You'd Like?

Can't reach your account manager? Seeing mixed results from AdWords? Hilsden Digital can help you turn things around.

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Having Trouble With Your Pay Per Click Advertising? Hilsden Digital Will Beat Your Current PPC Plan

If you feel like you're being let down with your current PPC management plan, Hilsden Digital promises to beat your existing plan price.

Our fully managed pay per click optimisation services can help your business grow through digital advertising. Based in Newmarket, Suffolk, Hilsden Digital serves local clients as well as those of your further afield in the UK - Experience PPC results through paid search platforms like Google AdWords.

Our PPC Process Has One Thing In Mind: Your Business

Hilsden Digital puts your business at the forefront of everything we do

Hilsden Digital can help enhance your AdWords campaign metrics; lower CPCs, higher text ad CTRs, reduce budget loss, drive down CPAs and improve conversion rates to drive the most interested clicks straight through to your website.

Day-to-Day PPC Management

Your PPC manager will be on hand to monitor and optimise your campaigns each day. You'll also have full access to your accounts and account manager throughout the working week.

Transparency & Communication

Your PPC manager will be available to speak with you throughout the working week to address any concerns you might have.

Enhance account performance and generate a greater return on ad spend through our campaign management.

Pay Per Click Geo-Targeting

By targeting locations that are unique to your business you'll begin to see higher conversion rates and a healthier ROAS (return on ad spend) each month.

Your campaign manager will create campaigns that sell the strengths and services of your business. Much like Hilsden Digital targets users in and around Suffolk, we'll optimise your campaigns by targeting users based on their physical location you'll begin to book in more jobs and close more sales with highly interested, local customers.

Location targeting is a great way to attract local customers to your business.

Landing Page & Sales Funnel Optimisation

Once your campaign is up and running we'll begin the process of optimising your sales funnel to reduce the bounce rate in each step of your sales funnel.

Our focus will always be the growth and optimisation of your campaigns. By providing you with regular campaign feedback your business will be able to make smarter decisions around expansion and growth.

Custom landing pages are a great way to sell your products and services to different traffic sources.
Your PPC success is our responsibility.

Our primary goal is to provide you with clicks that are most interested in your business or products. We'll aim to continually exceed your expectations and create a lasting relationship that not only helps your business grow, but promotes your development and understanding of how PPC can influence the growth of a business.

Keywords Intent & User Journey

Targeting keywords with greater commercial value

Hilsden Digital doesn't just deliver clicks to your business, we aim to deliver conversions, sales and all important booking enquiries.

Keyword Negatives

Hilsden Digital uses negative keywords to reduce advertising budget loss. A negative keyword is a search term that is unrelated to your business and services.

Keyword Relevancy & Context

The relevancy of keywords can help you capitalise on user intent, and ensures that users who click your ads are set on making an enquiry with your business.

Keywords Performance by Device

Your account manager will monitor and report keyword performance by device.

Keyword Specific Adverts & Landing Pages

Hilsden Digital will work with you to create keyword specific ads and landing pages to achieve higher conversion rates and a better bottom line.

Visitor Recordings & Analytics Data

We use visitor recordings and Google Analytics to troubleshoot on-page issues

Hilsden Digital uses the latest visitor recording software to capture live user sessions and feedback. We then use this non-identifiable information to optimise your website based on how visitors are actually using it.

Reducing page bounce rates helps you keep more traffic on your site.
Reduce Page Abandonment

By using visitor recordings to identify and address common page abandonment issues we improve the overall experience for website visitors and increase the rate at which users convert.

Goal and event tracking helps your business measure the success of your digital marketing efforts, site usage and user experience with your brand.
Drive Up Conversion Rates

On an account level, the data we use from visitor recordings helps reduce the cost per click of your campaigns, improves your ad rank and provides stronger page relevancy to end-users (meaning a greater chance of conversion).

Qualified & Certified in Google AdWords and Analytics

Google AdWords certified individual.
Google AdWords Certified Individual

Hilsden Digital's extensive AdWords knowledge can help you grow your business, no matter your monthly budget. Our specialist knowledge has helped local businesses throughout Suffolk and Cambridge achieve substantial growth within just one year.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification.
Google Analytics Certified Individual

Our Analytical knowledge can help you gain actionable data from your website's Analytics account. Lower bounce rates, increase time on page and enhance overall conversion rates.

PPC Management That's Not Limited by Where You Live

Hilsden Digital is situated in the historic horse racing town of Newmarket, Suffolk, just outside of Cambridge. The power of digital means that it's easier to work with businesses further afield, and allows your business to benefit from working with an AdWords and Analytics certified campaign manager.

Access To Your Account & Account Manager

Your business will have a constant line of communication with your PPC account manager. Whether it's scheduling weekly phone calls to give us feedback on your AdWords, or using our Slack channel to talk with us directly. We'll also give you full access to your AdWords or Bing Ads account so you have a clearer picture of campaign KPIs.

Clear Communication & Process

We are highly responsive to all of our clients and pride ourself in our ability to communicate account goals clearly with you. Hilsden Digital likes to set realistic expectations when it comes to your pay per click and has solid onboarding processes in place to that ensure we understand your business goals, the direction you want to be moving in and provides us with the information we need to know about your business to create a successful PPC campaign.

No Long-Term Contract

Unlike many paid search management firms we don't believe in holding your business hostage with lengthy contracts. Instead, we offer our PPC management services on a rolling, month to month basis. Should you ever want to move on you only need give us one months notice.

Why Choose Hilsden Digital, Even if We're Not Near Your Business?

Hilsden Digital has a proven track record of increasing the revenue for local business owners through PPC. We are highly responsive to client requests and feedback. Our ability to turn poor campaigns into profitable campaigns is unrivalled, and you'll have access to our extensive knowledge of Google Analytics which will help you troubleshoot pages that are underperforming.

Your Go-To Authority in Google AdWords and PPC Management

Your business and AdWords campaign metrics are our priorities; lowering CPCs, improving text ad clickthrough rates, reducing budget loss and increasing the total number of enquiries, sales and bookings you get each month are just a small part of what we do.

One of our key philosophies is to remember that we're helping aspiring companies and individuals pay bills, put food on the table and grow their own business through our services - something which we take immense pride in.

Dedicated Account Management

Deal and communicate directly with your account manager through Slack throughout the working week. Check in for updates on campaign performance and ask us anything about your PPC campaigns.

We'll NEVER Outsource Your PPC Management

Unlike some agencies that like to outsource your PPC management to third parties, Hilsden Digital will never outsource any part of your PPC management service as we believe our accountability is our strength, not a weakness.

5 Years of Commercial PPC Experience

Hilsden Digital prides itself in delivering results that help your business grow. For nearly five years we have managed the paid search of clients, both big and small; delivering excellent results every time.

Optimisation Based on Data - Not Hunches

By using live visitor recordings, heat map data and Google Analytics we can optimise your sales funnel to create intuitive user experiences that lead to the real-world growth of your business.

Keyword Attribution

Tracking the value, profit and loss of keywords are something we can help you with. This powerful method allows you to remove wasteful keywords and better allocate budget to more profitable areas of your campaigns.

Jargon-Free Paid Search

Our approach is a simple one: keep things easy to understand and document the results from the work we do. We'll never bombard you with jargon and will always make sure that you understand the changes we make, and why.

Hilsden Digital Delivers Tangible, Real World Results From Our Pay Per Click Services

Our best in class PPC optimisations, account structuring and loss reductions can help your company attract new customers to your business each month.

Fed Up of Chasing Dodgy Account Managers and Agencies? Our Accountable Pay Per Click Services Can Help Your Business Grow

Hilsden Digital excels at communicating success when it comes to PPC.

Our pay per click optimisations will be documented each month so you understand the impact our changes have on your campaigns. Our comprehensive AdWords optimisation process helps ensure a higher quality of website visitor and an increased chance of all important sales, bookings and enquiries.

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